Sunday, May 26, 2013

Determining the efficiency of a valet parking service

Convenience is the basic advantage of a valet parking service. Car owners who have had a hard time searching for a secure parking space can valet-park without the hassle. However, convenience is just one of the many benefits customers can acquire from this service; other advantages include safety, time efficiency, and space maximization.

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 Valet parking makes it possible to accommodate “stack parking,” where valet attendants park vehicles in a “vertical space” to make it easy to free a blocked-in car. This type of parking is ideal for events where guests arrive at the same time, such as a wedding reception or a conference.

Valet parking also allows car owners to park their automobiles closer and straighter than the conventional set-up. This saves them space in the parking lot or garage, and prevents the inconvenience of having them go through several floors by stuffing everything on one storey.

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 Many parking company owners develop a system where operations are made efficient even when the customer traffic reaches its peak. Anthony Preza of ParkPlus Valet Parking Service, for example, employs rigorous training and auditing programs that promote high-quality parking management and service excellence. He and his executive team assign the responsibility to their employees for maintaining a reputation for professional service, honesty, and commitment.

 Majority of professional valet attendants are well-informed about almost every make and model of car and the specific features, including aftermarket alarm systems and keyless ignitions.

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